The compound results from better habits

I’ve written about habits and even dedicated a lesson to the topic within my Improvisation Savvy course, but it is the compounding effects of habitual behavior that I want to explore with you.

Some lessons from a Super Bowl halftime of old

As proof that I’ve been on this planet longer than a couple of decades, watching the relentless hype before and then half-way through the Super Bowl last night left me reminiscing.

I don’t respond well to it, but I understand that

Just tell me the buttons to push

My recently turned 18-year old son is a passionate photographer. He’s got himself a little business where people pay him for senior photos, family portraits, sport team pictures, and other personal moments.

The benefits of practicing by ear

You’ve heard the saying about doing the same thing over and over expecting different results? It doesn’t end well.

Let’s talk about a different way to practice from what you may be doing day after day after day.