Announcing my new site

I’m happy to announce that this week I launched the brand new version of my website I hunkered down for two weeks, learned a new Content Management System, and rebuilt the site. Building a good web site is becoming easier and easier. I’ve talked about my friends at Bandzoogle who provide a platform to exclusively […]

Spock’s Trombone-2

Spock’s Trombone I wanted to write something that used the full range of trombone sounds. Not “range” in terms of high and low notes, but in terms of the full assortment of sounds available to the trombone. Beside the normal sound from lips vibrating in the mouthpiece, I used mouth pops, streams of air blown […]

Andromeda Lullaby

Andromenda Lullaby Experimenting with the Rounds synthesizer, I came upon the underlying morphing sound in the beginning. After laying the sound foundation, I improvised a little ditty over it. If you’re curious, Andromeda is a gallaxy about one and a half times the size of the Milky Way and can be seen with the naked […]

The digital possibilities for learning jazz

I uploaded my 45th TikTok lesson on jazz this past weekend and starting to see some momentum in engagement. Young and old alike seem to be viewing, ‘liking’, and commenting on these 3-minute lessons – some collecting over 10,000 views within a few days.