The skill of simplicity

I’ve received a couple of emails this past week making basically the same point about Pocket Jazz that I thought was worth sharing and exploring. I hope this will help you. The point made by both of them was that some of the lessons seem only for intermediate and advanced players. One of the commenters […]

Does popularity define an artist?

A comment was recently written in one of the Pocket Jazz lessons. It was a lengthy comment but it ended with these questions: When is someone considered an artist? How many followers needed? Or is your mother enough? (Smiley face emoji) I replied… I don’t think popularity is an indication of artistry. In fact, popularity […]

It’s all about your time

A LOT of you have taken advantage of my offer to sign up for Pocket Jazz for free. Some have come back asking when they must pay once the free trial is up and my answer is “Never. It’s not a trial”. Am I just some wealthy philanthropist looking to spread good throughout the world? […]

Quick and easy jazz improvisation?

A marketing email hit my inbox last Thursday. It was promising the benefits of their special way of  memorizing and practicing licks, that once cobbled together would make ‘improvising’ quick and easy. A whole system for playing instant jazz much like instant mashed potatoes. “Just add hot water. Your family will never taste the difference.” […]

Some post-show thoughts about the 2022 NAMM

This month’s NAMM 2022 in Anaheim was great. It had been two and a half years since the previous show. This year’s show was less than half the size and attendance of previous shows, so obviously people are not quite ready to dismiss the COVID risk within large gatherings. I’ m really glad I was. The […]