Make your next book a reality through Music Savvy

Over the the years I’ve written many books on a variety of topics and have been selling music books and music compositions & arrangements through my site. I use other distribution channels but I own exclusive rights to all of my books, ebooks, and audio books, so I call myself a publisher. I’ll soon […]

Some practical health tips for working musicians

My previous post on nutrition, sleep, and exercise shared some guidance for optimal health, wellness, and longevity. Read that first if you haven’t yet.  While I stand by every word, I recognize that for my audience of musicians who often live on the road and spend odd and long hours in the studio, that ideal […]

Live healthy, live longer, play better

Last week, I saw my doctor for my annual physical. No worries, I’m as healthy as can be. But looking around the waiting room, I was saddened by the terrible physical condition of most of the people surrounding me. This particular waiting room on this particular day was now special. Look around your grocery store […]

Three tips for hearing your playing better

I played with a rehearsal band last week. Something happened during the obligatory tuning process that gave me a thought about a major aspect of playing well – jazz or otherwise. We went around the band tuning the wind instruments with the the reference note, and something occurred that I often see/hear in this situation. […]

The illusion of ego-less jazz

I was recently party to a heated email conversation between two very famous jazz teachers/players who hold polar opposite views on how one becomes proficient in learning to improvise jazz.  I want to share with you clues I found in the writing of one of them that uncover a fundamental mistake. It’s an error in […]

A musical remembrance to a unforgettable Bahamian vacation

I returned home last week from two wonderful relaxing weeks in the Bahamas. I brought back home with me not only a painful bout of COVID that began the day after landing, but more importantly, a collection of photographs, video, and drone footage documenting our once-in-a-lifetime Caribbean experience. I combined these assets into a 2 1/2 […]

Answering a question about Stranger in a Strange Land

After returning from vacation, I wrote an article showing the relationship to the treatment of language in Robert Heinlein’s masterpiece, “Stranger in a Strange Land.” It seemed to have made an impression on readers and attracted a lot of comments.