Celebrating One Hundred Years of Bird free ebook

I recorded a conversation yesterday with Richie Beirach and published the result into an eBook paying tribute to Charlie Parker. After all, Bird’s 100th birthday was very recent.

Richie was his usual candid and insightful self, offering up a rich serving of perspective on Bird’s music, influence, and legacy.

If you have been following the trail this past year of interviews, eBooks, and our latest softcover book, you’re aware of my live music reference resource known as Richie Bierach. “Richie, can you give me ten minutes on Bird?” “Sure bro.” And shortly thereafter emerges some sort of written or digital result.

I should also mention that I interviewed Charles McPherson Tuesday and we talked quite a bit about his hero, Charlie Parker. I have included in this eBook a couple of very cool insights from that interview as well.

This 11-page eBook is our latest product and is yours for downloading. Just click the link above.

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