Here are a number of arrangements available to you from my albums and those from others. From trombone quartets to octets that include rhythm sections to pre-recorded tracks, take a look and listen to this library of trombone music. 

These five unique arrangements are from the album Gerry Pagano and I recorded called Roads Less Traveled. Click or tap the arrangement cover to hear the arrangement and read more about it. Each arrangement is a digital download with the full score and each of the individual parts.

These two arrangements are from the CD Fratres.

These are two very different pieces of music. Devils & Angels is a contemporary piece played over a synthesized background and Bach’s Concerto is played over a string quartet and harpsichord. Both backing tracks are provided.

This is an arrangement for tenor (or alto) and bass trombone. It is a piece I wrote for Gerry Pagano and me to play at the 2018 International Trombone Festival. It is called Conversations With Myself.

Quartet arrangements by Barry Black