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Books and courses to help you become the player you secretly believe is inside of you!

You just need the right tools and instruction.

Ear-based books, courses, and other materials you'll find nowhere else on music, self-development, and money...

Alto Trombone Savvy

For beginners as well as experienced alto players. Learn or sharpen your skills to play the alto trombone with the ease and skill of your tenor playing through this combination of ear-focused and written instruction. Learn positions and sharpen your intonation on the alto through fun and musical exercises. Even a section at the end for learning to improvise!

Improvisation Savvy Course

Learn the skills you need to be the jazz player you imagine. Nearly 50 videos and hundreds of audio files combine to teach you theory, ear training, rhythm, how to practice, and much more.

Organized into six modules, each with individual lessons containing workbooks and audio files as demonstrations and play-along tracks.

Musicians Money Mastery

If you struggle making, spending, or saving money, this course is for you. Consisting of a workbook, dozens of videos, and companion materials, this immersive learning experience will uncover the hidden psychological blocks you have with money and help you remove them to enable you to earn and keep more.

Rhythm Savvy

Your sense of time is THE critical musical skill. Sharpen your sense of time and rhythm for improvisation, groove, and pace of melodic phrasing. Remember that you can get away with "wrong" notes as long as your time is grooving. I'll teach you how.

Trombone Improvisation Savvy

Learn or improve jazz trombone playing in interesting ear-based ways. Strengthen the connection between your ear and the trombone to improvise with better melodic flow. Section 2 consists of 16 standards with special exercises to drill the most challenging parts. Finally play like you imagine!

Jazz Ear Savvy

Discover and build the connection between your musical mind's ear and your instrument - any instrument. Learn how to anticipate the flow of music, enabling you to improvise more fluidly and musically.

Softcover: The Art of Skill

Learn from a true jazz master what it takes to achieve musical excellence. This is a candid and fascinating look at the mental, psychological, and spiritual requirements of musical mastery.

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Audiobook: The Art of Skill

Listen to Dave Liebman's thoughtful and unique observations on what it takes to achieve musical excellence. This is a candid and fascinating look at the mental, psychological, and spiritual requirements of musical mastery with special emphasis on finding your musical voice. Narrated also by Lieb, Richie Beirach, and Randy Brecker.

Softcover: The Lineage of Modern Jazz Piano

Richie's musical and historical thoughts on the lineage of the ten most influential modern jazz pianists contain an expanded section through which Richie details Bill Evan's Nardis Introductions late in his career.

Audiobook: Lineage of Modern Jazz Piano

Listen to Richie Beirach's unique and personal viewpoint on the greatest jazz pianists of the modern jazz age beginning with Art Tatum and ending with Cecil Taylor. Learn what made them unique and they influenced those after them.

Framework for Jazz Mastery

Learn the best way to become an accomplished jazz player from Richie Beirach. Not one to mince words, Richie talks about the habits and discipline it takes to play one's instrument at a world-class level. A special chapter on reharmonization is worth the price of the book in itself!

Framework audiobook cover

Audiobook: A Framework for Jazz Mastery

Listen to this wisdom from Richie Beirach on his improvisation process, reharmonization, writing, professional development & much more. Listen to his thoughts on becoming the jazz player you have the ability to become.

Self-Discipline Superpower

Created as a bonus to the course, Musicians Money Mastery, this powerful little book will show you where more time and money has been hiding all this time.

Softcover: Great Art and Commercial Success

Using Kind of Blue, The  Köln Concert, and A Love Supreme, Richie and Michael uncover the reasons for the unprecedented success of those albums as well as lessons for our own commercial success.

The Genius of Herbie

This FREE 7-page eBook gives you a perspective on this icon of jazz as seen through the eyes and ears of one of his contemporaries, Richie Beirach. Learn what separates Herbie from other pianists and a tip he once gave to Richie that stayed with him to this day.

The Magic of the Snow Leopard

Get a blow-by-blow inside look at Richie's iconic 1978 ECM recording of the tune, The Snow Leopard with George Mraz and Jack DeJohnette. He answers the question, how do three musicians spontaneously compose a completely new arrangement of a tune within the pressure of a first take recording?

Brain-Friendly Method for Musical Excellence Ebook

Written with psychologist Dr. Rodney Brim, this eBook will show you how to perform and practice in the way in which your brain functions best. Stop working in a way that conflicts with your brain's natural function so that you can speed up your proficiency and connection with your instrument.

What Hollywood got Horribly Wrong about Jazz Education in the Film Whiplash

The title pretty much says it all about this 14-page booklet. Richie examines the film and then provides his insight into the makings of a great jazz educator. Spoiler alert: bullying and self-gratifying hubris is not inspiring!

Circle of Fifths Savvy

Understanding the Circle of Fifths can unlock certain 'secrets' of jazz harmony. This course consisting of two videos and a workbook will not just provide you with the theory behind the circle, but you will learn through hearing the circle and it's relationship to various jazz standards.

You will understand why certain changes are more difficult for you than others. The circle illustrates why the bridge to Have You Met Miss Jones is much more difficult than Bb Blues.

Piano Comping Savvy for Non-Piano Players

A basic understanding and skill of piano are essential for any jazz musician. In this mini-course containing a workbook and companion video, you will learn how to play jazz chords with two, three, and four-note voicings with and without alterations in the right hand with the root in the left hand.

Exercises are a core component of the course so that you can learn these voicings quickly in every key. Be able to play the changes to tunes you wish to learn, and comp for others as they improvise over tunes.