Make your next book a reality through Music Savvy

Over the the years I’ve written many books on a variety of topics and have been selling music books and music compositions & arrangements through my site. I use other distribution channels but I own exclusive rights to all of my books, ebooks, and audio books, so I call myself a publisher. I’ll soon […]

Summer reading ideas

Summer, for many, is a time to slow down and recharge the batteries. Everyone has a different means of recharging – travel and vacations chief among them – but regardless, I find that reading has the power to provide me with a fresh perspective and make me a little smarter about the world. Let me […]

Is the alto trombone a transposing instrument?

I am often asked this question and I’m not sure I’ve ever given a satisfactory answer, at least one that satisfies aspiring alto trombone players. So let me take another whack at it.

Great artistic success with great material gain

Rarely does great artistic success lead to great material gain. Much more often, these two are at great odds against each other. Richie Beirach and I thought it would be interesting to write something about this important topic.

What made Miles Davis a great band leader?

Dave Liebman and I are finishing a book called The Art of Skill. The book contains Dave’s advice on becoming a better jazz player, biographical reflections, and thoughts on how one goes about finding their own unique musical voice.

New thinking about books

Richie Beirach and I published our first soft cover book last week titled A Framework for Jazz Mastery. In that first week we sold far more than we anticipated. Thank you! We used some new technologies to communicate about the book using marketing platforms and techniques unique to promoting books about jazz.