It’s all about your time

A LOT of you have taken advantage of my offer to sign up for Pocket Jazz for free. Some have come back asking when they must pay once the free trial is up and my answer is “Never. It’s not a trial”. Am I just some wealthy philanthropist looking to spread good throughout the world? […]

Quick and easy jazz improvisation?

A marketing email hit my inbox last Thursday. It was promising the benefits of their special way of  memorizing and practicing licks, that once cobbled together would make ‘improvising’ quick and easy. A whole system for playing instant jazz much like instant mashed potatoes. “Just add hot water. Your family will never taste the difference.” […]

Transforming TikTok into an online course

Pocket Jazz is coming. I am finishing up transforming the nearly 70 TikTok videos I produced earlier this year into an online course I am calling ‘Pocket Jazz’. I call it ‘Pocket Jazz’ since these 1 to 3-minute bite-sized jazz tips are formatted to TikTok within the vertical space of a phone screen. I recorded […]

Memorization for jazz solos?

A sax player eager to improve his improvisation skills reached out to me yesterday. He’s frustrated. He’s unsure of how to continue his learning. He really wants to play like his peers but fears that he might lack something fundamental that they seem to naturally possess. Sound familiar? He sent me a description from a […]

Collecting licks for your jazz solos

Your life won’t last forever
Have you done enough?
Are you simply baying at the moon?
Do not go gentle into that good night

What is wrong with the above?

Quick and easy mastery of improvising jazz

Okay, let me come clean that the title of this post is completely misleading. But when you first saw it, admit that you had a tinge of excitement that it could be possible. Sorry about that, but I’m trying to make a point.

How is your sense of jazz time?

I’ve been listening to Youtube videos of jazz players. Not the stars, but players who most people would consider to be very capable.

Finding meaning for your jazz playing

I just read Viktor Frankl’s classic, Man’s Search For Meaning. It’s been on my reading list for a long time so my recent sojourn to the northern Arizona flower-covered mountains gave me the opportunity to finally read it.

Memorization and jazz improvisation

I received an email this morning from a classical pianist eager to improve her jazz skills. Her question involves memorization, which she considers her ‘weakest area’.