About the movie Whiplash and jazz education

A couple weeks ago I sent Richie Beirach a YouTube clip from the movie Whiplash as a bit of levity. It was the scene where the teacher in the film Fletcher berates that poor trombone player for being out of tune. Spoiler alert:

About a metronome

I originally meant to write this as a reply to a comment Richie Beirach wrote on my blog. But as I started writing, I realized that this could be the springboard for something much more important.

How I create my video lessons

Someone asked me recently about the technology I use to create my video lessons. He was reacting to the recent lesson from my online course Improvisation Savvy that I shared publicly. https://vimeo.com/500169114/7ec7c98cf4 As I wrote in my response, which I’ll post below, I have always believed in putting forth the highest possible quality in everything […]