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Our quest for popularity

“The audience comes last. I’m not making it for them. I’m making it for me. And it turns out that when you make something truly for yourself, you’re doing the best thing you possibly can for the audience.” That was spoken by the legendary rock music producer Rick Rubin, about…

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Perfection in practicing
I recently published a new video in my series on my AI called Jazz Master Chat. The video asked for tips on improving the effectiveness of practicing a musical...
Evil machine playing sax2
The devil in the chip
More and more often I see musicians hating on artificial intelligence. I think the same can be said for artists in general. And I think that is a shame given...
AIplaying Sax2
Artificial Intelligence and jazz?
Almost exactly one year ago, I wrote a post on an artificial intelligence called Chat GPT. In it, I asked the AI questions about playing jazz. A few people...
Massive Crowd
Our quest for popularity
“The audience comes last. I’m not making it for them. I’m making it for me. And it turns out that when you make something truly for yourself,...
Rhythm of Life featured image for post
Rhythm of Life
As I continue to explore the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence image and video creation, I’ve been pulling some of my original music productions...
Artificial Intelligence rendering a painting
Artificial Intelligence Doomsday?
Yesterday, while speaking to a well-known artist, it became apparent to me that he was not a fan of Artificial Intelligence. We never spoke about AI in detail,...
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Play more inspired and satisfying jazz with the right instruction
You may be reading this because you would like to stand up and improvise your personal musical story more melodically and brimming of confidence. You’d...
Trumpet player in field
Why is jazz taking a back seat to band in school?
As I frequently do, I was searching yesterday for high school jazz band directors with whom I can share some of the jazz educational resources I produce....
Alto trombone in sky
Alto trombone position chart
I was recently asked for an alto trombone position chart, and realizing that I included one within my book Alto Trombone Savvy, but not here in my blog,...
Two trombones
Using tenor trombone positions on alto
I get a lot of requests for advice on playing the alto trombone, so I created a video that demonstrates a method for practicing the alto that I used when...
Michael Lake

Michael Lake

Trombonist, author, composer, marketer

Courses and books

Pocket Jazz

The Pocket Jazz course is a completely redesigned series of online videos of no more than three-minutes each. Most of the lessons also contain short excerpts of tips and wisdom from masters like Ron Carter, Randy Brecker, Dave Liebman, Richie Beirach, Toshiko Akiyoshi, and many more.

Teaching & Learning Jazz

From this book, Richie Beirach and Mike provide great stories of jazz wisdom, a reflection on university jazz education including how to choose a school, an analysis of the Hollywood view of jazz education, a look at the psychology of education, and many other previously unexplored essential topics for both teachers and students.

Available in soft cover and digital editions.

Trombone Improvisation Savvy

Trombone demands different physical abilities from other instruments, but certain skills are universal such as connecting your instrument to your musical mind. Learn from exercises and audio files specifically focused on trombone that will help you improvise much better.

This is just a fake book example for the type of website I can build for you. Just trying to use a little humor here!