Some lessons from a Super Bowl halftime of old

As proof that I’ve been on this planet longer than a couple of decades, watching the relentless hype before and then half-way through the Super Bowl last night left me reminiscing.

I don’t respond well to it, but I understand that

Just tell me the buttons to push

My recently turned 18-year old son is a passionate photographer. He’s got himself a little business where people pay him for senior photos, family portraits, sport team pictures, and other personal moments.

Thoughts for a prosperous New Year

“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go. They merely determine where you start.”       – Nido Qubein

Happy New Year to you!

The four stages of competence

Mastering a skill involves an integration of awareness and competence. Being aware of your current level of competence is necessary for improving any skill from riding a bike to brain surgery, including of course, jazz improvisation.

Your mind plays jazz, not your instrument

This is a recurring theme to my writing, interview questions, books, and courses. As Hal Galper famously (to me at least) once said pointing to his head, “THIS is the real instrument we play.”

Can self-discipline improve your jazz playing?

My book Self-Discipline Superpower is sparking some interesting conversations. Thank you to those who have added to that conversation. I’ve been thinking… There seems to be a connection between self-discipline and authentic (real, personal, true, etc.) jazz playing. I’ve been talking a lot recently (for years, actually) about the difference between playing notes and playing […]

The art of living in troubled times

I received an email today from a musician friend who is having a very hard time of things right now. He’s far from the only one, but his emotional outpouring of sorrow and hopelessness inspired me to share my belief in what I’m calling the art. The art of living in times of dark clouds and turbulent waters.

Playing jazz like your life depended on it

I’m almost half done with the video interviews I’m conducting with some of the greatest jazz players and teachers in the world. Soon, these will be made into an online event called Jazz Master Summit. Sign up on my home page in order to be notified as I get closer to releasing this unique event.