The Electrik Project album

This music tells many stories, from dreams of outer space to dreamy tropical islands to the love of a child.

Hear the alto trombone find its footing alongside electronic synthesis and sampling, sounds of nature, eerie sonic dramas, and lush beautiful soundscapes.

With a focus on capturing the richness of his alto trombone, Michael dances along with enchanting sonic environments emoting melodies and improvising in his unmistakable style.

You wi get both MP3 and WAV tracks along with a colorful 16-page liner notes booklet sharing background and insight into each track. This is not a CD. It is a digital downloadable album complete with album art and meta tags.

Preview some of the liner notes booklet...

Thank you, Stan Pethel, for your kind and creative words…

At an undisclosed, highly secretive, and closely guarded location somewhere in the depths of Arizona there exists a meticulously assembled sonic laboratory of new and vintage equipment with one goal in mind. That goal is world domination. The world being targeted is that of the alto trombone, all styles and genres. The genius behind the movement is one Michael Lake.

The latest effort to advance the mission is The Electrik Project. In keeping with the current trend in music distribution, this directive is available from iTunes and CD Baby in digital format for download that is economically priced.

In an obvious effort to modify and expand musical concepts, the missives are not really tunes in the traditional sense, not to say they lack melodic content, but rather soundscapes that transcend music genres. This is done by using electronically generated sounds, sampled organic sounds and vocals, pulsating bass lines, colorful percussion, and both solo and layered alto trombone lead lines. Acoustic trombone and vocals are recorded on superb microphones and recording software.

Lake is not just about effects however, as demonstrated in Show Me with flowing melodic lines supported by a synthesized rhythm section. Likewise, Artificial Intelligence presents a new style ballad with a feel reminiscent of the 1980’s. Tin Man features the nimble alto trombone in layered harmony with some sonic surprises along the way.

The project concludes with an innovative ballad, Sounds Dunes, that allows Lake to showcase his keyboard chops, as if alto trombone tone, range, and technical mastery is not enough to conquer this musical sphere.

To trombonists and music enthusiasts, you are now sufficiently forewarned. You are should proceed quickly to: Here you will be educated through video and audio regarding the humble genius, Michael Lake; his creativity, use of technology, sound design, and flawless alto trombone performance.

The world domination has begun. It’s a good one. Trombonists everywhere should join the movement. Resistance is futile.
Stan Pethel
Stan Pethel
International Trombone Association

This is just a fake book example for the type of website I can build for you. Just trying to use a little humor here!