The book called A Framework for Jazz Mastery

A Framework for Jazz Mastery

by Richie Beirach & Michael Lake

Never before shared insights on playing jazz from one of the world’s great pianists.

Packed with practical advice for playing jazz on any instrument that you can read over a weekend and consume over a lifetime.

Now with a newly added chapter on overcoming stage fright.

Soft Cover edition: $29.95

Digital edition: $19.95

You're about to discover...

Insight into Richie's lightening quick heart to hand improvisation process

Richie possesses a direct link between his emotions and his hands playing jazz piano. He has refined the process we're all in search of. With crystal clarity, Richie talks in-depth about developing that link. 

Richie's personal recipe for reharmonization

One of the world's great harmonic minds explains his thinking process for discovering the alternatives to a tune's basic harmony. He takes you through his very specific process for creating new and fascinating harmonies for standard tunes.

Three major stages of artistic growth

Your progress in becoming an accomplished artist doesn't grow in a straight line. It looks more like stair steps. Richie explains what three of those important steps are and how to be on the lookout.

The 26 most important 20th Century classical influences

Learn which 20th-century composers and pieces Richie believes are the most important influences for developing an important harmonic vocabulary. 

The habits required for excellence

All great players worked hard on their craft. Richie was no different. Learn about the discipline and habits required of accomplished players.

Richie's tips for composition

Richie shares his most important tips for composing music that is true to you and that will resonate with your audience. 

Overcoming stage fright

It's something from which many musicians suffer. Throughout Richie's teaching career, he has helped many students overcome their performance anxiety. You'll read stories of his own early challenge as well those of how he helped a student so scared, he was unable to play in front of Richie for a lesson.

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