Roads Less Traveled

If you think all trombone sounds the same, this creative variety of jazz and latin will change your mind. Combining alto and bass trombones with synthesis and percussion, these creative arrangements break new ground in trombone recording.

Each of these multi-trombone arrangements were recorded by Michael Lake overdubbing his alto trombone between one and 10 times, along with Gerry Pagano recording the bass trombone parts.

This digital album comes with all tracks as both MP3 and WAV, and the four-page liner note booklet. This is not a CD. It is a downloadable digital album.

It is three-part music, written in 1977, without fixed instrumentation and has been described as a 'mesmerizing set of variations on a six-bar theme, combining frantic activity and sublime stillness that encapsulates Part's observation that the instant and eternity are struggling within us. Michael Lake's alto trombone becomes the voce superius of the three-part texture in this fascinating performance enhanced by low frequency insertions between variations with a drone in the background throughout. The effect is indeed "mesmerizing." Music from the Renaissance style period and Baroque masters G. P. Telemann and J. S. Bach are splendidly represented. The J. S. Bach piece, Concerto for Two Violins even has a lovely string ensemble accompaniment. It is amazing what can be done these days with a computer and high end software in the hands of a technically skilled and creative musician.

Speaking of which, Lake's original work Devils and Angels is an adroitly crafted piece with tastefully incorporated electronically generated sounds complimenting the two bass trombones.
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