For the longest time, I contemplated a title for this piece. I could have gone a thousand directions but I guess I was feeling sentimental the day I thought of the phrase. I was thinking of my youngest son about to turn 14 .

In many ways, I do miss certain things about days gone by.

My boys have become teenagers, and are slowly losing their one-time innocence and wonder of the world. Even though I realize that they must grow up and become adults, I still feel a certain loss. There are plenty of things about my past I don’t miss, but I do have a certain longing for those moments when I could see the world anew through the awe and excitement of two little boys.


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I really like this interesting and well-disposed book. So many good thoughts, facts and tips on alto trombone. Good guidance for the searching alto souls out there. A must-have for the shelves.

– Håkan Björkman, Principal Trombone at Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra

I highly recommend Alto Trombone Savvy for players around the world wanting advice on handling the alto trombone at the highest level. Classical and jazz players both share the same challenges, and it’s great to have this book in either bass or alto clef to help answer some of those challenges.

– Carsten Svanberg, International Trombone Soloist and Professor of Trombone at the University of Music and Arts Graz

For anyone interested in learning to play the alto trombone, whether for classical or jazz, this book is a must. Clearly written, with excellent exercises and links to audio examples, Michael Lake has provided the trombone world with a wonderful new resource.

– Ralph Sauer, Former Principal Trombone, Los Angeles Philharmonic

This is just a fake book example for the type of website I can build for you. Just trying to use a little humor here!