Alto Trombone Savvy – digital edition

Finally learn to really play the alto trombone. Learning the alto as a tenor player is more than memorizing a bunch of positions. It requires tuning your ear to another set of overtones.

How you will learn to master the alto trombone:

  • The basics: Pages of cool exercises for learning and hearing the primary and alternate positions while training your arm to intuitively find them.
  • A feel for the different response: In order to get to that next note on time, learn how the shorter tube of the alto alters your response, and then play over cool original music tracks that help you hear and sharpen your response and sense of time.
  • How to play the alto in tune: Beginning alto players sound weak because they do not yet hear the core of each note. This section gets you hearing that in-tune core using trombone choir minus-one tracks and other fun play-alongs.
  • Learn to improvise on the alto: I couldn’t leave this out. This section is a primer in improvisation and expands upon the book’s earlier ear training to get you playing melodies by ear over included cool rhythm tracks.


This is just a fake book example for the type of website I can build for you. Just trying to use a little humor here!