Circle of Fifths Savvy

This mini course consists of an eBook, two videos, and several musical examples written for Bass clef, Bb, Eb, and C.

This course is a comprehensive and practical explanation of an important concept of music theory. The Circle represents an order to musical harmony through which jazz musicians should be able to hear and play. Improvisation and all of music moves through the circle in different ways. It’s important because the circle helps focus on the idea of using key centers rather than scales to guide improvisation. Thinking in terms of scales makes jazz playing sound like… well, scales. The magic of the Circle of Fifths explains why the IV-I Plagal Cadence sounds so natural and why tritones sound so dissonant. It explains why the I and the IV in the basic blues feels so natural to play and why the II-Vs a major third apart in Giant Steps is so difficult. The circle unlocks some mysteries that will help make you a better musician and improviser.


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