Fratres Album

Originally planned as a bass trombone duet album between Douglas Yeo and Gerry Pagano, it grew to be more than that. Michael Lake was hired only to record and mix the tracks, but after suggesting and then creating some different arrangements of certain pieces like Rumble on 9th Street and Lossafunk, Michael became a more integral part of the project. After composing the piece Devils and Angels, his name made it to the front of the CD cover.

The music on the album spans nearly 600 years, from Bach to Bartók to Arvo Pärt to Tommy Pederson. Making this CD even more interesting is the moments of improvisation from both Michael Lake and Doug Yeo. This might just be the first instance of a recorded improvisation on a Serpent, a Renaissance era brass instrument of which Doug is an expert.

Each of the album’s 23 tracks is a testament to the virtuosity of both Doug and Gerry on the bass trombone, and that beautiful music can be made combining two of these formadable instruments!


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