Improvisation Savvy

Learn how to enable the music inside to finally flow out of your instrument

  • Get rid of the barrier standing in the way of your improvising
  • Play the music that’s inside you and get it flowing out of your instrument
  • Learn how to be your own best teacher
  • Learn cool musical hacks you’ll never hear about anywhere else.

Improvisation is not simply about playing a bunch of notes that sound like jazz. It is about expressing yourself through an instrument that is basically a tone producer and an amplifier for the music inside. (aka piano, sax, trumpet, bass, etc.) Learn how to put your musical mind before your instrument.

You probably first learned music with your eyes rather than with your ears like most of us. Unfortunately, too many musicians as they get older still think of music visually over aurally.  You might be amazed by how much more you can hear when you really listen.

Think about the possibility that the very things you think are helping you are actually standing in your way of improvising better. Learn what they are and how to eliminate them.

Knowing a certain amount of music theory will help you more fundamentally understand the music. Learn through hearing the elements of music rather than just memorizing them. This is a very practical approach to theory.

Practice makes permanent, not necessarily ‘perfect’. If you are stuck, it could be that you aren’t practicing the right things. Learn how to find the most important things you should be practicing right now in order to improve much quicker.

You can play all the ‘right’ notes but if they are out of time and the flow of the beat, they’ll sound bad. On the other hand, play all ‘wrong’ notes with great time and you will sound accomplished. Improvisation Savvy provides you with some unusual but very effective tools for strengthening your time and building a better sense of your groove and/or swing.


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