This is a proposal for Bob Sheppard that outlines the marketing initiatives that have been discussed for the purpose of attracting more gigs, students, and clinics. In essence the website and marketing are geared to helping Bob create new sources of income from his many musical skills and experiences.

Waiting for calls and emails to come in to hire Bob is no longer sufficient given the state of the recording industry and waining number of well-paying jazz gigs, especially after the pandemic. 

The marketing strategy Mike is recommending is one of creating videos and articles that highlight the essence of Bob’s expertise in sax playing, teaching, studio recording, and life. These pieces of content will serve to attract students and teachers to  interact with Bob and in the process, raise his visibility among an audience who is likely to hire him for lessons, gigs, clinics, and other paying opportunities.


The hub for this content and for Bob’s marketing efforts will be a newly designed website built off of the Word Press platform.

The website will contain pages for: Home, About (bio, press, credits, photos), Music (albums, videos), Teaching (masterclasses, teaching videos), Reeds and Mouthpieces, and Contact.

Bob will provide Mike with a selection of photos that can be used throughout the site. There are a number of photographs taken at a train yard that could make for a nice theme throughout the site. Bob has several striking photographs that will work well for the site.

Email Automation

As a means for attracting and collecting names and emails for subscribers, Mike will help Bob create a piece of content that will be given to everyone who submits their name and email from a form on Bob’s new site. That content could be anything from a solo transcription to a collection of tips for improvisation.

Mike will set up the email provider that will store the email submissions and send out a series of emails from Bob beginning with the thank-you sent out as soon as someone submits their name/email. Mike will help suggest topics and assist with the editing of these emails. Those initial emails should be written beforehand and set up as an automatic sequence. Mike will upload those emails into the email provider. The recommended email provider is called MailChimp and is free through the first 500 email addresses collected.

The more frequently subscribers are emailed, the more top-of-mind Bob will remain with them. Bob’s email frequency will depend on his desire and ability to write emails to his growing list past those initial three. Set up as described, as soon as someone signs up to subscribe, they will get six weekly emails. Bob should begin collecting and organizing his existing list of contacts that are appropriate for mailing once the site is complete. This initial list will serve as the “seed list.”


The more comfortable Bob becomes with the idea of promoting himself, the more successful these tools will result for him. Promotion doesn’t involve chest beating or hyperbole. For Bob, it will involve creating written and/or video materials that capture his expertise, and then making those materials available to the widest audience possible of potential students, performance venues, schools, and media outlets.

Marketing also involves Bob personally reaching out to friends and colleagues, not to be begging for gigs, but to be sharing materials that might be beneficial to those contacts. Bob should also look for opportunities to send notes both to people he knows and to those with whom he has no current relationship. That communication can take the form of congratulations on career advances, recognition of important accomplishments, or the sharing of some of Bob’s materials that might be beneficial to them or their contacts (students). Mike can help frame that communication in a type of light template if desired by Bob.

Bob’s email list should be seen as an important business asset. While the website will collect names, Bob should make an ongoing effort to grow his list. Once the website is finished, Bob should reach out to students and other contacts letting them know about the site and the benefits of getting on his list. Bob should also ask students and teachers attending his workshops and clinics to sign up for his list. If any of these recommendations feel uncomfortable, the goal should be for Bob to evolve his belief in the value of his list both to himself and to the subscribers. 


  • Website as described above: $820
  • Email automation including design and publishing of lead magnet content piece and uploading of up to 
    six automated emails (content written by Bob and edited by Mike): $210
  • Instructional/educational videos created through Zoom interviews with Mike. Includes placing on
    Bob’s YouTube channel and website: $95 each
  • 3 hours of marketing consultation in how best to use the tools being built as described above: No Charge
A reasonable limit should be put on revisions after completion of the site. Complete satisfaction with the finished site is Michael’s priority, which should be accomplished with no more than three major revisions not including fixes such as wrong links, typos, etc.
Once the site is completed, Bob will compile a list of elements he wishes to have changed or questions about aspects of the site build that will be immediately addressed by Mike. This initial list is considered revision one.

Mike will provide light maintenance for 90 days on the finished site such as keeping plugins up to date and occasionally adding assets such as new Youtube videos or teaching resources if desired by Bob. If longer-term maintenance is desired, a separate proposal can be provided.

One half of the website payment is payable upon acceptance of agreement and the balance is due upon mutual agreement of the site being complete and online. Email automation payment is due at the conclusion of completed and uploaded emails by Mike. Video payments are due upon video being uploaded to YouTube.

Payments can be made through Paypal, Venmo, or Zelle.

This is just a fake book example for the type of website I can build for you. Just trying to use a little humor here!