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Proposal for Denis DiBlasio website makeover

Because the website for was created over 7 years ago, the theme platform on which it was built no longer sustains the site. The site’s architecture can no longer support the pages and assets as they were originally built.

Michael is proposing to rebuild the site within Word Press, keeping the overall look and organization of the original site using visual assets currently in the site’s media library as well as new ones provided by Denis.

The live site is no longer accessible so, the site content will be based on a version of the site within the web archive. The archive, however, is limited, and does not provide the written content for the “Read More” for Jazz Ed Resources, YouTube lessons, or composition tips. Every Youtube video will be linked back to the actual Youtube clip with proper thumbnails.

The graphics are all within the Media Library, but the text is not, and therefore, will need to be either found in a backup is available or re-written. For example, in the Composition Tips page, you reference a “gallery.” That gallery is nowhere to be found.

Michael’s work will include the following:

  • Rebuilding of all the following pages on the Dreamhost servers: Home, About, Youtube lessons, Jazz Ed Resources, Photo Gallery, Jazz Resources, Composition Tips, CD’s and Books, and Contact – both adhering to the original look and upgrading where deemed beneficial.
  • Layouts of pages such as the Youtube Lessons and Jazz Resources will be organized in a more appealing and intuitive manner on the page rather than a simple long column.
  • A working contact form will be created where inquiries will be directed to Denis’ desired email address.
  • Links on the CDs and Books page will be directed to the specific material’s page rather than the home page of publishers as they were previously.
  • Basic search engine optimization will be done for each page and a site map will be created and submitted to Google.
  • Optimization of plugins – elimination of outdated or no longer needed plugins and the addition of important plugins for security and functionality.
  • Installation of SSL for standard security protocols
  • Setting up automatic backups from the server side
A reasonable limit should be put on revisions after completion of the site. Complete satisfaction with the finished site is Michael’s priority, which should be accomplished with no more than three major revisions not including fixes such as wrong links, typos, etc.
Once the site is completed, Denis will compile a list of elements he wishes to have changed or questions about aspects of the site build that will be immediately addressed. This initial list is considered revision one.


Michael will provide light maintenance for 90 days on the finished site such as keeping plugins up to date and occasionally adding assets such as new Youtube videos or teaching resources if desired by Denis. If longer-term maintenance is desired, a separate proposal can be provided.

The estimated time for the above deliverables is 15 hours. Assuming a timely agreement to this proposal and delivery by Denis of any additionally requested materials, the projected delivery date of the initial completed rebuild should be no later than 10/26/22.

At an hourly rate of $35/hour, the project cost will be $525 with one half payable upon acceptance of agreement and the balance due upon mutual agreement of the site being complete and online. 

Payment can be made through Paypal, Venmo, or Zelle.

Thank you.

Michael Lake

This is just a fake book example for the type of website I can build for you. Just trying to use a little humor here!