This is a proposal for Michael Stevens that outlines the website Michael Lake can build for him along with the marketing initiatives that have been discussed for the purpose of showcasing and selling CDs and compositions, as well as being hired to conduct more clinics. In essence, the website and marketing are geared to helping Michael create new sources of income from his many musical skills and products.


The hub for this content and for Michael’s marketing efforts will be a newly designed website built off of the Word Press platform.

The website will contain pages for: Home, About (bio, press, credits, photos), Music (albums, videos), Teaching (masterclasses, teaching videos), Compositions, and Contact.

If needed, beyond the imagery on the current site, Michael Stevens will provide additional photos that can be used throughout the site. 

Selling CDs and compositions

In order to sell products on a website, some sort of shopping cart and payment method must be implemented. Our recommendation is for Michael to purchase a subscription to Shopify for approximately $10/month. This payment will be made by Michael directly to Shopify, which we are happy to help implement.

Michael Lake will create products for CDs and compositions within Shopify that will provide “Buy Buttons” for Michael Steven’s site. Once someone buys a CD, a notification will go to Michael Stevens so that he can ship the CD to the buyer. When someone buys a composition, an email from Shopify will immediately and automatically be sent to the buyer containing a download link for the purchased composition in PDF form.


Once the site has been built and is public, Michael Stevens should send email to his contacts letting them know that he has a new site containing jazz resources and previously unreleased compositions and arrangements. Michael Lake will also send a similar note to his subscriber list, many of whom are university teachers.

There are additional things that Michael can do to attract visitors and potential buyers to his new site by posting to his social media pages and offering discounts once in a while like Black Friday or Christmas. 

While it is beyond the scope of this proposal, Michael can, at some point, create some sort of free downloadable improvisation tips or composition tips or a short arrangement from his site – something that will attract people to leave their name and email as subscribers. That growing list can be a way for Michael to communicate and sell to those fans. If that is desired, that can outlined that in a separate proposal.



  • Website build and Shopify setup as described above: $920
  • 3 hours of marketing consultation in how best to use the tools being built as described above: No Charge
A reasonable limit should be put on revisions after completion of the site. Complete satisfaction with the finished site is Michael Lake’s top priority, which should be accomplished with no more than three major revisions not including fixes such as wrong links, typos, etc.
Once the site is completed, Michael Stevens will compile a list of elements he wishes to have changed or questions about aspects of the site build that will be immediately addressed by Michael Lake. This initial list is considered revision one.


Michael Lake will provide light maintenance for 90 days on the finished site such as keeping plugins up to date and occasionally adding assets such as new Youtube videos or teaching resources if desired by Michael Stevens. If longer-term maintenance is desired, a separate proposal can be provided.

One half of the website payment is payable upon acceptance of agreement and the balance is due upon mutual agreement of the site being complete and online. Email automation payment is due at the conclusion of completed and uploaded emails by Mike. Video payments are due upon video being uploaded to YouTube.

Payments can be made through Paypal, Venmo, or Zelle.

This is just a fake book example for the type of website I can build for you. Just trying to use a little humor here!