Proposal for Pete Swanson

This proposal is for building a new website and creating a marketing strategy to promote and exhibit Pete Swanson’s bass playing, teaching, and performances.

A rebuilt site will be a way to promote Pete’s musical image and attract bass players who wish to be his students. It will also provide Pete with the means to begin to build an audience of people who are not only potential students, but who want to hear Pete play live and perhaps hire him to perform.

Assuming Pete’s existing site is built in Squarespace, Michael can build this upgraded site within Pete’s existing Squarespace plan. If preferred by Pete, the site can be built from scratch within WordPress. A conversation can be had about the pros and cons of each platform so that the best decision can be made. Project costs for both options are below.

Keeping the site current with writing and video need not be technically difficult. These days, it is easy to add new text and video components to a site in terms of writing blog posts and linking to YouTube videos. Michael can help Pete create a short list of topics that can be written over the first couple of months. He can also help Pete with a strategy and methodology for basic video production.

Michael’s site work will include the following:

  • Creation of the pages: Home, About, Bass Lessons, Music, Blog, Contact.
  • All pages will be optimized for desktop, tablet, and phone.
  • A working contact form will be created where inquiries will be directed to Pete’s’ chosen email address. 
  • A form will also be created for site visitors wishing to sign up for communication from Pete. Some type of sample product can be created to entice people to sign up such as a video or written piece (solo transcription, sample lesson, etc.) The emails will be stored in a free Mailchimp account (up to 500 emails) set up by Michael.
  • Basic search engine optimization will be done for each page and an XML site map will be created and submitted to Google.
  • Setting up automatic backups of the site
Michael will provide training in 1. writing and publishing blog posts, 2. Writing emails within Mailchimp along with a basic instruction to Mailchimp email distribution, and 3. basic tasks within Squarespace or WordPress (depending on the desired platform.)
A reasonable limit should be put on revisions after completion of the site. Complete satisfaction with the finished site is Michael’s priority, which should be accomplished with no more than three major revisions not including fixes such as wrong links, typos, etc.
Once the site is completed, Pete will compile a list of elements he wishes to have changed or questions about aspects of the site build that will be immediately addressed. This initial list is considered revision one.

Michael will provide light maintenance for 90 days on the finished site such as keeping plugins up to date and assisting Pete in adding assets such as new Youtube videos, blog posts, music files, or teaching resources if desired by Pete. If longer-term support is desired, a separate proposal can be provided.

Assuming a timely agreement to this proposal and delivery by Pete of all requested materials, the projected delivery date of the initial completed website and marketing strategy should be within two weeks of agreement.

For the site to be built on the current Squarespace plan, the project cost will be $725. 

For the site to be built within Word Press, the project cost will be $925.

Upon acceptance of agreement, one half of the project cost will be due, with the balance due upon mutual agreement of the site being complete and online. 

Payment can be made through Paypal, Venmo, or Zelle.

Thank you.

Michael Lake

This is just a fake book example for the type of website I can build for you. Just trying to use a little humor here!