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Website proposal for Seclusion Studios

This proposal outlines the modifications requested by Phil Ludwig for by Michael Lake at Music Savvy.

  • For the page named “Audio”, 20 to 30 audio files will be placed on the page. Each audio file will consist of a simple audio player and album graphic. Organization of the page will be determined by Phil (by release date, alphabetical, style, etc.) The link for each MP3 will be provided by Phil, or if MP3s are provided, they will be uploaded to the location chosen by Phil.
  • For the page named “Video”, 10 to 20 video links will be placed on the page as embedded video, meaning they will play directly from the page. Links to the videos will be provided as will direction for the organization of the page. For any video not already online (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.) Music Savvy will upload the video to the server of choice by Phil.
  • As an optional service, Music Savvy can develop a Youtube channel for Seclusion Hill Music. The channel will include a banner for Seclusion Hill and appropriate playlist organization of the videos by type or category.
  • Hosting of the site can be provided by Music Savvy if so desired. The entire site would be moved from its current server to one managed by Music Savvy. The existing site pages, graphics, and organization will remain as it is currently. Security for the site will be upgraded against malware and other attacks and all plugins will be kept up to date. The site will also be backed up on a weekly basis. See hosting terms below.


  • Audio and video pages built as described above: $350
  • Optional YouTube channel design: $150
  • Site migration to Music Savvy studios: $50
  • Ongoing web hosting by Music Savvy: $95 per year


The migration of the site will be done in conjunction with Larry McCourry. The site address will remain the same as will the look of the entire site. Our suggestion is to move the site to the Music Savvy servers before beginning the creation of the audio and video pages.
One half of the website payment is payable upon acceptance of agreement and determination of desired services. The balance is due upon mutual agreement of the pages being complete and online. The migration fee and one-year hosting payment will be due upon the successful transfer of the site to the Music Savvy server. A $95 year’s hosting fee will be due again one year from the transfer of the site. The Youtube fee will be due upon completion of the page to Phil’s satisfaction.
Payments can be made through Paypal, Venmo, or Zell

This is just a fake book example for the type of website I can build for you. Just trying to use a little humor here!