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Proposal for Patrick Lopez

This proposal is for redesigning the website for Patrick Lopez. The focus of the redesign will be to transform the site in the following important ways:

  • Create a Word Press site run off Elementor Pro. 
  • Create an attractive site tying in images, colors, and fonts into a cohesive whole
  • Rewrite the copy (text) by greatly reducing its length. Rather than lengthy explanations, the copy would be brief, benefit-oriented, and directed toward the contact call-to-action  
  • Redesign the blog page to be more attractive and legible
  • Rewrite copy so that the local and national service distinction is clear and appealing
  • Redesign the pricing table by eliminating all the unnecessary explaining, and making the options simpler and more appealing
  • Redesign the top navigation to be less of a simple list of pages and more as a flow to help qualified people reach a decision to contact Patrtick.
  • Redesign the contact form to feel more compelling to complete


In general, our goal will be to uplift the site to make interaction with it more appealing and to entice more qualified people to complete the contact form.

Other aspects of the work will include:

  • Optimize all pages for desktop, tablet, and phone.
  • Optimize for basic search engine results by installing the Yoast SEO plugin. An XML site map will be created and submitted to Google.
  • Setting up automatic backups of the site through Updraft
  • Hosting with its connection to Cloudflare will remain as is. A temporary URL be be generated on the current host on which this new site will be built. At the completion of the site, the DNS will be pointed to this new site. The current site will remain in tact throughout the build of the new site.
  • After the home page is built and agreed to, full access will be available to Patrick to watch and give feedback as the site is being built.
Through a page of screen capture videos, Michael will provide training in writing and publishing blog posts and basic editing of text throughout the site. He will also make himself available for phone and screen share conversations about the site.
A reasonable limit should be put on revisions after completion of the site. Complete satisfaction with the finished site is Michael’s priority, which should be accomplished with no more than three revision rounds not including fixes such as wrong links, typos, etc.

Once the site is completed, Patrick will compile a list of elements he wishes to have changed or questions about aspects of the site build that will be immediately addressed. This initial list is considered revision one.

Michael will provide light maintenance for 90 days on the finished site such as keeping plugins up to date and assisting Patrick in adding assets such as new videos, blog posts, music files, and other light content if desired by Patrick. If longer-term support is desired, a separate proposal can be provided.

Assuming a timely agreement to this proposal and delivery by Patrick of all necessary materials, the projected delivery date of the initial completed website and marketing strategy should be within three weeks of execution of this agreement.

The project cost will be $2,350.

Upon acceptance of this agreement, one half of the project cost will be due, with the balance due upon mutual agreement of the site being complete and online. The initial 50% will place on the que for the next site in two weeks.

Payment can be made through Paypal, Venmo, or Zelle.

Thank you.

Michael Lake

This is just a fake book example for the type of website I can build for you. Just trying to use a little humor here!