Rhythm Savvy

A spiral-bound book of rhythm exercises for tuning your internal clock and putting swing and  groove into your playing

Written for bass clef and C instruments, this unique book focuses on three critical areas of time that are critical for improvisation: your internal clock, your groove, and the rhythm of your improvised phrases.

Improving your overall sense of time will make the biggest difference in your jazz playing, and this book of fun exercises will get you there.

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What you will gain from this book

Learn how to practice and improve your time so you can sound more in control of your solos with your audience bobbing their head and tapping their feet to your groove!

Tons of audio files

The over 100 sound files for this book will challenge you with fun exercises to strengthen your sense of time and rhythm. The files are accessible through a Soundcloud playlist or for easy downloading.

Strengthen your inner clock

You must have a solid clock. Within this section, you will find lots of exercises that go well beyond the metronome work you've probably been practicing. Watch out for the Maniacal Metronome exercise!

Improve your groove and swing

How's your groove? When you play, do you see people tapping their feet and bopping their head to your playing?

Your ability to play that way comes from listening to great players, but it also comes from hearing how to dance with the time. These examples and exercises will show you how.

Understand the rhythm of your phrases

There is an important rhythm in the phrases that make up your improvised solo. You will see examples and learn how to vary the rhythm of your lines just like a great piece of poetry. 

Know where you are going as you play

Build an intuitive sense of phrasing that allows you to anticipate where your playing is taking you and how you will more purposefully resolve your phrases and end your solo.

I only realized that time was beyond bad once I started with your materials, but things are starting to improve and I am enjoying the process. I feel much more solid when performing and I am enjoying music and playing more now that I have a sense of the pulse of time.
- Ray B., UK