Richie Beirach’s 10 essential tips for jazz mastery

I’ve had the honor over the past few months of getting to know the great jazz pianist, Richie Beirach. Richie’s best friend, Dave Liebman, introduced us after I interviewed Dave for the Jazz Master Summit event and then asked him to help me reach out to Richie to do the same.

As I would soon discover, Richie is a highly intelligent and expressive man whose passion for music knows no bounds. Our 3 1/2 hour interview confirmed that. Of the 27 other interviews I conducted for the summit, none would last even half that long.

Since then, Richie has allowed me to record telephone conversations that I would later turn into videos, laying imagery and text over his remembrances of great piano players, stories of important moments in his professional life, and now, the ten activities he believes are required to become an accomplished jazz musician on any instrument.

It is this last conversation that was the first to be transcribed and edited by me to become a 20-page ebook entitled “My 10 Essential Tips for Jazz Mastery” by Richie Beirach.

Click the image to open the book

Feel free to click the image above to open the book for full access to all 20 pages. At some point, this will probably become a product for sale in my store, but for now I wish to provide it all who wish to read it.

Within these handful of pages, you will discover a treasure trove of activities, practical guidance, lists of important compositions and solos for analysis and transcription, Richie’s recommended 20th Century classical music listing list, and his many admonishments for becoming as great a musician as your appetite for hard work takes you.

I wrote in the introduction:

Richie has done the things in this book and thought about them obsessively for decades. It was his recipe for being one of the best and most recorded pianists of his generation of jazz musicians, so there must be something in here for you. 

Take a moment and consider Richie’s recipe for success and apply as much of it to yourself as you are willing.

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