TONS of materials to elevate your jazz improvisation skills

If you are frustrated by endless scale practice and watching lessons of great players blow through tunes with no idea how that will make you a better improviser, look through this collection of ear-based training for jazz improvisation.

Music Savvy specializes in jazz learning materials that are practical and based on the idea that the best thing you can do to become the player you imagine is to connect your ear to your instrument, whichever instrument you play.

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The upcoming brand-new book from Richie Beirach and me

For both teachers and students, this book provides historical context and real-world guidance on jazz education that you won’t find anywhere else.

As we wrap up final editing, download pre-published preview copy!

"Teaching and Learning Jazz is the most important book on jazz education I have ever read and possibly ever written!" 
Justin DiCioccio
Associate Dean/Chair Emeritus Jazz Arts Program Manhattan School of Music

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