Michael Lake

I want to personally thank you for making this investment into your financial future and for taking control of something that for you may be frustrating and painful.

Let’s start eliminating your pain and frustration!

You chose Money Mindset Mastery as either a digital or a print version. If you chose the print version, you’ll still receive the digital files for everything included within your package (see below). Please allow 10 days or so to receive the printed workbook in the mail. It has already been sent to our publisher for printing.

Download all the course materials by clicking the button below. They will download as a .zip file. Just double-click the file and everything will open up separately into another folder. You’ll be ready to start!

Please feel free to reach out to me personally if you have any questions or difficulties with the course: mlake@redlake.tv

Frequently Asked Questions

As a Platinum member, a custom roadmap will be created for you which will be based on your completed assessment on pages 12-14 of the workbook. Once you complete that 3-page assessment send me your workbook (or that portion) as an attachment to cregan@redlake.tv.

I will return back to you my recommended course of study that will specifically address your relationship with money from your answers to the assessment. That recommendation will include a focus on certain portions of the workbook as well as some custom EFT tapping scripts.

At that time, I’ll also enroll you in the group coaching calls where we can further explore aspects of your money mindset with me and observations of others in the group.

No. You can type your answers and thoughts directly into the digital workbook PDF. Once the printed book arrives, feel free to transfer your answers into the printed book.

However, there’s quite a bit of work you can do before you even get to those portions asking you to write. For many, the book arrives just about the time you’re ready to write.

The real power of Money Mindset Mastery comes from your engagement. There are plenty of books about money that you could simply read cover to cover, but how much would passive reading help you make better financial choices?

The workbook (digital or print) provides you with a very powerful active experience: that of you physically writing about your previous experiences, lessons learned (good and bad), and an outline for your future.

Science shows us that the physical act of writing makes things much clearer in the mind, and I want this course to bring you crystal clarity so that positive change comes to you quickly and permanently.

Redlake, Inc. is the parent company that publishes Musicians Money Mastery.

This is just a fake book example for the type of website I can build for you. Just trying to use a little humor here!