As we all bid good riddance to 2020, I look forward to 2021 and the success I can help you and others achieve - in playing or in something else.

It's been exactly one year since I left corporate life in order to pursue a career building an organization and community that will help musicians reach their dreams. Despite two fires that nearly burned down my home last year and a pandemic that has shut down the music performance industry, I've created a lot of cool things and massively increased my friends and connections. Along the way, I've learned a hell of a lot.

I'm obsessed with creating tools for helping musicians play better and live better. I've created over 100 hours of interviews in the Jazz Master Summit, published several books and ebooks, and released a comprehensive online course on improvisation. Putting all this together has provided me with a pretty intense jazz education. Want to do something better? Teach it to someone!

So what is in store for 2021?

I'm continuing to create new products and conduct new interviews. The great trumpet player and teacher Bobby Shew did an interview with me last week which I am uploading to Vimeo as I write this. Bobby and I spoke for over three hours on two separate occasions. I'll have lots of excerpts for brass players as well as other musicians who can learn from Bobby's sage advice on practicing and playing brass and jazz better.

The Lineage of Modern Jazz Piano, the eBook Richie and I wrote last year, was just published as an audiobook. And Dave Liebman and I are recording The Art of Skill for an audiobook edition as well.

I will soon release a course on money that is specifically written for musicians. The course will help you understand better how to think about money, in terms of earning it, saving it, and investing it.

The whole connection between money and music is a fascinating topic. In fact, Richie and I are in the middle of recording and transcribing conversations about jazz and commercial success. Richie and I are aligned on much of the topic, but also disagree on aspects of it which will make for an interesting end result.

A course on business and marketing for musicians is also on the slate for later this year. I have 40 years of sales and marketing communications experience in helping build billion-dollar companies which I want to share with musicians. Skills like effective guilt-free selling, mutually beneficial negotiating, effective use of one’s web site, email marketing, getting more stuff done, and of course, how to make money, are all topics musicians should master in 2021 and beyond.

The friends I'm making through Music Savvy help me understand players' desires and challenges: from masters who want to better market their knowledge to amateur players who just want to feel good standing up and expressing themselves improvising.

Give me your ideas on how I can help you achieve your musical goals for 2021. If you have ever reached out to me, you know that I am not short of thoughts on a wide variety of topics to which I quickly respond.

Honestly, it also helps me get clear on books, articles, videos, and events I can create that will benefit a worldwide audience. That's one thing I'll talk about in my business course: that the sign of a worthwhile activity is that it is a win for more than just you - the more the better.

So while the residue of 2020 hasn't completely evaporated, this new year gives us all a fresh start and perspective on creating our success in the months to come.

Join me in making this your best year yet.


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