Consider this a metaphor for a mechanical object with the heart and soul of a human being. It’s one of my favorite themes – witness Roy’s Theme and Artificial Intelligence.
I wanted to create a piece of music in a manner that technologically extended the speed and range of the trombone but to do so without losing the heart and soul of the music – or of the trombone.
This piece is itself the Tin Man in that something emotional arises from a synthesis of sampling, MIDI messages, and sound twisting. While that can be said about any piece from the Electrik Project, the technological patchwork used in this music is far more extensive.
The idea of integrating these technologies with live performance produces a result otherwise unattainable. We know the robot isn’t human but we root for it as if it were.
Thanks to my good friend Gerry Pagano for making this possible using his virtuosic sampling recording during our Roads Less Traveled sessions.

Month one: Beyond the fog
Month two: Rattlesnake FunkyStardust
Month three: Artificial IntelligenceLove on a Real Train
Month four: ReverenceExpedition Vertigo
Month five: Spock’s TromboneSound Dunes
Month six: Little Bone BlewMating call
Month seven: MetamorphosisHello Young LoversIn the Wee Small Hours
Month eight: Show Me, Moody’s Mood for Love

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