Thank you for answering my questions

As my thank you for your time, choose one of the following ebooks as my free gift to you. 

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The Magic Within The Snow Leopard/
The Genius of Herbie

This free dual ebook consists of Richie Beirach reflecting on his ECM recording session for Elm and on his analysis of Herbie Hancock and what makes him such a great musician.

The Brain-Friendly Method for Musical Excellence

Written with psychologist Dr. Rodney Brim, this eBook will show you how to perform and practice in the way in which your brain functions best, speeding your proficiency on your instrument.

Teaching and Learning Jazz

For both teachers and students, this book provides historical context and real-world guidance on jazz education that you won't find anywhere else.

Jazz Patterns for Ear

Basic training for your jazz ear. These are not patterns to memorize for your solos, but instead, these 60 short patterns will train your ear to bring out your full jazz potential.

Self-Discipline Superpower

Created originally as a bonus to the course, Musicians Money Mastery, this powerful little book will show you where more time and money has been hiding all this time.

This is just a fake book example for the type of website I can build for you. Just trying to use a little humor here!