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Notes Versus Time

So many players are obsessed with the ‘right’ notes and less so with their time. Yet time, in my opinion, is much more important than a string of ‘right’ notes.

I demonstrate an experiment in this lesson. Over the changes to There Will Never Be Another You, I play two solo snippets. One of them consists of all the ‘right’ notes but with sloppy time. The other is with random notes played with good time. I’m not suggesting that one must choose between the two when performing, just that a good sense of time playing random notes wins out, in my opinion, over random time with ‘good’ notes. Do you agree?

Lesson Materials

This next one is a classic example of great time AND notes outside of the harmony from Woody Shaw, Kenny Garrett, and Kenny Baron. Not to be confused with my random notes in the lesson, these are notes very deliberately placed outside of the basic harmony.

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