Great Art & Commercial Success

by Richie Beirach

A conversation exploring the Kind of Blue, Love Supreme, and Köln Concert phenomena.

Learn what it was about these iconic albums by Miles, Keith, and Trane that continues to capture the attention of jazz fans and non-jazz fans alike.

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That rare link between great art and commercial success

Rarely has great art of any form produced commercial success for the artist in their own time. What was it about these three albums that quickly resonated with a large audience of jazz and non-jazz fans?

The element of genius present in each of these albums

What were the critical elements of these albums that went well beyond pretty notes, and recording quality? Learn about the effects of timing, personnel, intention, and in one case, a bit of good fortune.

Richie's insightful analysis of thesse three albums

Go beyond the common analyses of these iconic recordings and enjoy Richie's detailed insight into the music and circumstances of these three albums.

What you can learn about your own music

Did Miles, Keith, and Trane embark on these projects in order to create hits? If not, what can you learn about their motivation that will attract audiences to your music? 

What separated the three albums from these artist's previous recordings

Each of these great musicians sold albums prior to these hits. What was it about Kind of Blue, Köln Concert, and Love Supreme that connected with so much of the world, and why?

Lessons on the essence of jazz

What separates jazz from other art forms? Is there an ingredient inherent in jazz that if amplified in its purest form, will attract an audience beyond hard-core jazz fans?

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