Elevate Your Skills

Proven methods to take your instrumental and musical skills to the level you've been imagining...

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Alto Trombone Savvy

Learn to intuitively play the alto trombone through this combination or ear-focused and written method.

Improvisation Savvy Course

Memorized scales and chords isn't making you a better improviser. This online course will open your ears to making satisfying music.

Trombone Improvisation Dolphin Dance excerpt cover

Trombone Improvisation Savvy

Strengthen the connection between your ear and the trombone to improvise with an effortless melodic flow.

Rhythm Savvy

Sharpen your sense of time and rhythm for developing your improvisation, groove, and sense of melodic phrasing

Jazz Ear Savvy

Discover and build the connection between your musical mind's ear and your instrument - any instrument

The Art of Skill

Learn from a true jazz master what it takes to achieve musical excellence. This is a candid and fascinating look at the mental, psychological, and spiritual requirements of musical mastery.

Framework for Jazz Mastery front cover FINAL

Framework for Jazz Mastery

Gain never before collected insight from Richie Beirach on his improvisation process, reharmonization, writing, professional development & much more.

Audio Book: Lineage of Modern Jazz Piano

Listen to Richie Beirach's unique and personal viewpoint on the greatest jazz pianists of the modern jazz age beginning with Art Tatum and ending with Cecil Taylor.

Brain-Friendly method for musical instrument excellence landscape

Brain-Friendly Method for Musical Excellence

Written with psychologist Dr. Rodney Brim, this eBook will show you how to perform and practice in the way in which your brain functions best, speeding your proficiency on your instrument.