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Let me show you how to improvise way beyond how you play now - on trombone.

How can you get past the difficulty of the instrument and begin playing more authentically and in a way that gives you more satisfaction?

By connecting your inner musician to your trombone. That may sound obvious, but for too many of us, the music inside is being drowned out by the din of memorized patterns and safe licks. 

This ear-based 170-page coil-bound or digital book will improve your skills in a number of areas from strengthening your sense of time to teaching you a bit of necessary music theory to exercises for learning the blues and 14 other standard tunes. 

Running through each page is a constant reminder to open up your ears, mute the chatter and listen to the music outside and inside of you. I believe that is where music comes from.

If you agree, you’ll love this book! Learn more…

"Michael has created what has to be one of the most comprehensive tools for learning to improvise specifically for trombone!

This is a thoughtful, thorough, and dynamic approach to learning trombone improvisation."
NIck Finzer
New York trombonist and educator

Coil-bound edition: $59.95

Digital downloadable edition: $34.95

Here are lots of great books to elevate your jazz improvisation knowledge and skills. 

If you are frustrated by endless scale practice and watching lessons of great players blow through tunes with no idea how that will make you a better improviser, look through this collection of ear-based training for jazz improvisation.

Music Savvy specializes in jazz learning materials that are practical and based on the idea that the best thing you can do to become the player you imagine is to connect your ear to your instrument, whichever instrument you play.

Most of these books are available as either digital or soft-cover/coil-bound.

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