Marketing for musicians

I don’t think it’s any secret that most musicians dislike promoting themselves. I’ll go even further and observe that most musicians are uncomfortable with the whole idea of marketing and selling. Dare I say, they distrust it and most of its purveyors? I want to offer to you the point that marketing and self promotion […]

Make your next book a reality through Music Savvy

Over the the years I’ve written many books on a variety of topics and have been selling music books and music compositions & arrangements through my site. I use other distribution channels but I own exclusive rights to all of my books, ebooks, and audio books, so I call myself a publisher. I’ll soon […]

Some post-show thoughts about the 2022 NAMM

This month’s NAMM 2022 in Anaheim was great. It had been two and a half years since the previous show. This year’s show was less than half the size and attendance of previous shows, so obviously people are not quite ready to dismiss the COVID risk within large gatherings. I’ m really glad I was. The […]

Why the time to build your online audience is RIGHT NOW

At some point in the future, I want to create a product/service that helps musicians with their internet presence and marketing needs. As I look around, so many musicians desperately need help with this important element of their professional lives. Twenty years ago, we all thought, “I need a web site!” So we built one […]

Can you use the internet to sustain a jazz career?

This post is a response to a specific thread shared by some musicians on the fate of jazz and the result of so much now being free on the internet. This is a vitally important topic and one on I wish to share my thoughts, using my current internet project as an example of one […]