Hi, I'm Michael Lake

Blasting trombone off the mountain

I’ve spent much of my professional life in big business. I know that’s an odd resume for a musician, but I enjoyed a good ride building successful companies with my closest friends.

Through it all, I’ve worked hard at becoming the best trombone player and jazz musician I could. Always practicing, teaching, creating, and performing.

Within the companies I’ve built, part of my responsibilities was to train people to learn a complex business. I’ve always had the knack for communicating difficult concepts. I guess I inherited that from my school teacher mom.

To no surprise of my close friends and colleagues, I left business a few years ago to dedicate my full time to my passion, which was music.

The videos, books, and events I’ve produced have provided musicians all over the world with greater understanding of this music and elevated skills in musicianship and improvisation.

Along the way, I’ve made friends with some of the greatest musicians in the world and have learned much through those friendships. Some of that has lead to books, videos, and other materials I could never have dreamed producing just a few years ago.

As you look through this site, I hope that you find things that will change your musical outlook and playing capabilities. I hope some of my work will change your life, and despite that sounding grandiose, it is my ultimate desire for you.