Piano Comping Savvy full res cover

Piano Comping Savvy

Learn how to play changes with jazz voicings for learning tunes and comping for others.

Being able to sit down at a keyboard and play chord progressions is a necessary step in learning tunes, understanding jazz harmonies, comping for others, and gaining a deeper understanding of music.

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What You Will Get From this min-course

You will come away from this course with the ability to comp changes to three standards and from there, thousands more with the knowledge gained.

  • A 45-page ebook
  • A 20-minute companion
  • Demonstrations of good-sounding jazz voicings using 2, 3, and 4-notes in the right hand and the bass note in the left
  • Comping examples using the tunes Autumn Leaves, All the Things you are, and Laura
  • Exercises for learning the comping demonstrated within the course