Teaching and Learning Jazz

From tradition to technology: A frank appraisal of jazz education

by Richie Beirach and Michael Lake

Jazz education has undergone a significant transformation over the past 100 years. 

From this book, Richie and Mike provide great stories of jazz wisdom, a reflection on university jazz education including how to choose a school, an analysis of the Hollywood view of jazz education, a look at the psychology of education, and many other previously unexplored essential topics for both teachers and students.

'Teaching and Learning Jazz' is the most important book on Jazz Education I have ever read and possibly ever written!
Justin DiCioccio
Associate Dean/Chair Emeritus Jazz Arts Program Manhattan School of Music

Soft Cover edition: $29.95

Digital edition:$19.95

What you will find in this book...

Stories of learning jazz at the
feet of the masters

Some of the most important lessons Richie learned came from being on the hot seat in an important performance. Discover what Richie learned that stayed with him to this day.

The Master-Apprentice relationship

What do Okinawan Karate, Indian classical music,
and jazz have in common?

Of teachers and school

Jazz education is transitioning to universities. With the number of schools and the often exorbitant cost, learn how to choose the best one for you,
or none at all.

Honest criticism of the Movie Whiplash

As an Academy Award winning film and huge popular success, read an honest no-holds bared review of the movie by Richie and Mike.

The hierarchy of learning

A chapter is dedicated to examaning the four levels of learning. Knowing them and your current status is critical for improving your skills.

A fly on the wall

Richie and Mike transcribed a conversation they had on a variety of topics. Two friends with strong opinions can have fun arguing with each other. See what you will learn by 'listening' in!

Watch a couple of samples of Richie's teaching...

“This ingenious book, by Richie Beirach and Michael Lake, goes beyond what is found typically in most jazz education ‘how to’ books. The authors offer practical and crucial advice for jazz students based on their real-world experience as students of the music, during their performance careers, and as teachers of this art form.”
Professor Richard DeRosa
Director of Jazz Composition and Arranging, University of North Texas

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