14 Piano Preludes op. 80

by Gregor Huebner

These preludes are written for solo piano. All the themes are playable by any intermediately skilled pianist and can be improvised on as Gregor did in the recoding. Players can add intros and outros as they like and are free to include their own ideas. 

Originating from the title, “Stories from the New York Lockdown”, Gregor started this project in 2020 not knowing that it would become an entire collection of compositions for solo piano, recorded and released on one of his favorite labels in Munich, Solo Musica.

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Coil-bound edition: $29.95

Digital edition: $19.95

Sample a few of the beautiful 14 preludes from this collection


I wrote Lullaby while working on an arrangement of a Richard Strauss song. I fell in love with a certain harmonic structure and used that structure to write a new composition that people could improvise over.  It is in the classical tradition but it also has a authentic jazz feel to it.

African Heartbeat

I wrote this for my wife and arranged it for my project El Violin Latino. It originated from when I was studying Cuban music. African Heartbeat is based on the rhythms of the Bata drums, which are used in religious ceremonies of the Santeria in Cuba. 


I wrote this a while ago and dedicated it to the people who suffered from the massive earthquake years ago in Nepal. I recorded Kathmandu in many different configurations, but I think that the solo piano version is strong and pure.

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