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Find the tools and guidance here at Music Savvy to more easily play jazz better than you ever thought possible.

What do you want to be really good at?

Choose the free resource for the playing challenge you'd most like to improve.
Choose the free resource for the playing challenge you'd most like to improve.

Playing more melodically

Know how to improvise more melodic lines that you hear inside instead of just memorized patterns and licks.
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Developing a better ear

Connect your musical ear to your instrument so that what you hear, you can play. This will make you a much better improvsor!
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Knowing more jazz theory

Learn the basic music theory so that you'll be smarter about what to play over chords.
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About Music Savvy

I am a Grammy-nominated trombonist, author, multimedia artist, entrepreneur, and Dad to two fascinating sons.

I am hopelessly curious and love to share what I’ve learned in order to help musicians. My passion is to guide musicians in how to think better about improvisation and the ability to connect their creative musical voice to their instrument, no matter which instrument they play.

The secret I share in my books, videos, courses, and talks is that the music is already inside you. Amplify it through your instrument by getting out of its way. If your improvising or musicianship is not all you wish it were, it’s likely because you’ve been convinced that the music originates in your instrument or can somehow be manufactured through your analytical reasoning.

The music inside you will flow from your instrument once you confidently connect your instrument to your musical mind. THAT’S where your music originates and THAT’s your state of flow. I’ve helped many musicians get much closer to that and I’d like to help you.

What players say...

Your materials have changed the whole trajectory of my musical approach to practicing.​

You give me actionable protocols that have measurable outcomes and are always a bit outside my comfort zone. Too many of the alternatives feel like empty get rich quick schemes like '5 licks that will make you sound like Michael Brecker'!!

The things you help me hear in my playing give me a much needed fresh perspective I get nowhere else.

Armed with that new perspective and the fascinating tools you provide, I can tell you without a doubt I am a much better and more confident player because of you.

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"How did you teach more about improvisation and scale work in 3-minutes than my professor did in an entire semester"?
"I find myself eager to practice after listening to your videos. Thanks for your work here."
"Studied music for three years and only scratched the surface of your video... Thank you!"
"This is the best exercise I've ever heard for melodic improvisation."

From the Savvy Series...

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Strengthen your ear for jazz with powerful and unique exercises. Hear music in ways you've never experienced.
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Develop a better sense of time and rhythm with these fun exercises. Sections on Metronomic, Phrase, and Groove rhythm.
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Build your jazz trombone chops with this one-of-a-kind instruction specific for the instrument.
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The missing manual for alto trombone. For all levels starting with learning the positions to developing good intonation to improvisation
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