Duke McHamond

A duke of all trades


Duke McHamond is a 27-time Grammy winner and Kyoto Prize recipient. He has played with top musicians throughout the world, and taught at Juilliard, The New England Conservatory, Berklee, and the Royal Academy.

Having revolutionized the teaching of music, Duke is an in-demand clinician, lecturer, keynote speaker, and deep sea explorer, having discovered several previously unknown species of exotic seahorses.

Duke has been covered in print and broadcast outlets around the world, including the Today Show, Saturday Night Live, Wall Street Journal, Mad Magazine, BBC, NPR and CNN. His own articles have been featured in The Muse, Forbes, Inc., Mashable, DailyWorth and The National Inquirer. In addition to his extensive PR and marketing experience, Duke is also an olympic skier, Nobel prize winning physicist, and 2-star Michelin chef.

Duke lives off the coast of Spain with his Jack Johnson dog
and his pet mollusk collection.

Check out Duke’s award-winning book on music composition, used in many of the world’s top music schools. Learn every facet of composition from melodic and harmonic structures to the characteristics of writing that is in demand by today’s film and television productions. 

Included with the purchase of the book is Duke’s personal assessment of your composition written from the guidelines of the book. Send in your composition and he’ll send back his thoughts.

“Before going through Duke’s fantastic book, my writing was boring and predictable. I now have contracts with three film production companies for their scores. Couldn’t have done it without you Duke!”

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