Jazz Ear Savvy

A fun spiral-bound book stuffed full of musical exercises and audio files to provide ear training for jazz musicians. Connect your musical mind to whatever instrument you play and hear the remarkable improvement in your playing.

Written for C, Bb, Eb, and bass clef instruments, this book trains you to think and hear differently about improvisation. 

You have the music inside of you. Jazz Ear Savvy shows you how to finally get that music out through your instrument.

How you will improve your musical ear

Tools for building your listening skills and your connection with your instrument so that you are no longer locked into the written notes, memorized patterns, or the ‘correct’ scales. This fun book truly is the pinnacle of ear training for jazz musicians.

An Assessment of Your Ear

Too few musicians have a clear understanding of their basic musical skills. You'll play through some fun patterns that will help you assess your starting point, answering the question, how good is your ear today?

Unique Ear-Building Exercises

You will train yourself to anticipate the harmony so that you imagined melodies will flow through your instrument. This book is all about connecting your ear to your instrument and the foundation of that method lives in these fun exercises.

Cool Play-Along Tracks

The heart of this book is the cool tracks that accompany the exercises, playing models, and improvisation challenges. If you're not having fun, your brain won't absorb the learning, so these tracks make your time with the book engaging and rewarding.

An Understanding of the Circle of Fifths

You'll learn how the circle is much more than a musical concept. It is a practical guide for improvisation and understanding exactly why certain chord progressions are harder than others. You'll hear how to use the circle to improve your playing.