Jazz Patterns for Ear

60 patterns and nearly 200 audio files will train your ear to play over chords better than you ever thought possible. 

These are NOT patterns you’ll memorize to use in your solos. It’s the opposite. Play these short two to five note patterns over various rhythm tracks using your ear instead of your eyes. Play jazz with more confidence and less fear!

Written for C, Bb, Eb, and bass clef instruments, playing with these patterns will help you improvise much more melodically by helping you better connect your musical instincts to your instrument – whichever instrument you play.

Digital book and audio files: $14.95

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A sample of one of the patterns

Pattern #14: Hearing a minor third interval down

For each phrase of the book’s patterns, the first linked audio file gives you the beginning note of the phrase over a cool rhythm track. Hear that note, quickly find it on your instrument, and then play the rest of the pattern by ear. After seeing the notation for the first three phrases, the rhythmic notation provides a guide for the remaining nine phrases of the pattern. The message throughout the book is: hear, don’t read.

But here’s the trick…

Your ear will grow stronger/better once you stop calculating the ‘next note’ and instead hear the phrases and let your ear guide your instrument. Your habit of calculating is harder to break than you probably think.

Here is the full pattern in concert pitch from the book. The track plays the first phrase, then after that, it gives you just the first note for you to play the phrase – starting on that note. Try this out by simply singing the three note phrase.

Is it somewhat difficult? Then you need this workbook!

Pattern #2: Major Second up #2

Digital book and audio files: $14.95

Once you add to cart, choose the edition you want.

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