Jazz Patterns for Ear

60 short patterns progressing through all 12 intervals within the octave, designed to give you the ear for jazz you’ve always wanted.

Written for C, Bb, Eb, and bass clef instruments, these patterns will challenge you and at the same time delight you by better connecting your musical ear to your instrument – whichever instrument you play.

What you will gain from this book

Develop a much better ability to play what you hear inside. Improvise more melodically and musically and with wider and more musical intervals.

A better mind to instrument connection

Authentic improvisation is all about projecting the music you hear in your mind through your instrument. Strengthen that connection and play more personally and musically.

A clearer understnding of the relationship between mind and instrument

The 12 page introduction will not just teach you exactly how to get the most from the exercises/patterns, but help you understand the process as you work through the book.

A new and fun way to practice

Too often practicing can feel like a chore. Jazz Patterns for Ear will give you something different and fun to practice so that you get more out of your practice time, however long that is for you.

The discovery of a new and more musical YOU

If you play through these patterns just a little each day, you will soon hear a different and more skilled improviser emerge from your instrument. Without the current amount of 'friction' getting in the way of your improvisation, discover more of your full potential.