Trombone Improvisation Savvy – coil-bound edition

Trombone demands different (more?!) physical abilities from other instruments, but certain skills are universal such as connecting your instrument to your musical mind. Learn from exercises and audio files specifically focused on trombone that will help you improvise much better.

Develop a better ear for jazz playing. Connecting your musical mind to your trombone is the core skill you’ll develop from the book. Unique exercises and cool backing tracks will keep you improving and having fun.

Improvise more melodically. Improvisation is the spontaneous weaving of melodic lines throughout the tune’s form. Learn some rules for melodic structure and phrase rhythm so that your solos create more melodic interest.

Understand basic harmonic theory. Jazz theory is not necessary to improvise well but it helps to understand a little bit of what is going on under your solo and how to play knowledgeably within it.

Gain a stronger sense of time and rhythm. Rhythm could be the most important skill to master. Play any note, but do it with great time and feel, and all is well. Play some challenging but fun exercises to improve your time.

Plus… Learn 16 tunes and their chord changes. Analyze the tune, drill the difficult parts, play along with transcribed solos from Mike Lake and famous players on tunes including:

• Rhythm Changes
• Bye Bye Blackbird
• Hello Young Lovers
• Have You Met Miss Jones
• Dolphin Dance
• Lament
• Moment’s Notice


This is just a fake book example for the type of website I can build for you. Just trying to use a little humor here!