Self-Discipline Superpower

Self-Discipline is not a superpower, but for those who wish they could accomplish more or simply do more of what they know they need, self-discipline can seem like a superpower.

This easy read will give you practical tips on improving health, wealth, and other important aspects of your life. You will be shocked by how much more time and money you can find by applying more discipline to your daily decisions and priorities. Preview the table of contents and read the introduction by clicking the page below…

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What you will discover...

The importance of knowing your 'why'

Learn how to focus on the important parts of your life as defined by you. The clearer you see your destination, the quicker you'll get there and the more fun you'll have along the way. Understand the power of knowing your 'why' and how that will set your path and motivate your achievements.

Get more from your time

Time is your most important commodity. Learn to make the most of time through some simple tips and a better mindset

Don't be a slave to your emotional discomfort

A wise man once said that growth only comes from outside our comfort zones. Learn how to control your emotional discomfort in times of change and stress. Decisions made from fear are rarely good ones.

Crack the code on knowing your true priorities

Do you find yourself wasting time chasing after 'shiny pennies' because they're a feel-good diversion? You'll get guidance on how to distinguish urgent from important from waste of time.

Develop the skill of finishing longer-term important tasks

This section of the book will help you if you look around and see half-finished projects that you've abandoned. Many of the ideas of the book come together to show you how to complete those projects in less time than you probably think.

Make self-discipline a habit, not an event

Self-discipline shouldn't require painful self-denial like some sort of neverending diet. Learn how to more easily make it a habit through a sequence of small regular events.

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