The Brain-Friendly Method for Musical Excellence

by Michael Lake & Dr. Rodney Brim

An entirely different approach for using your brain to learn music and particularly to improvise as you imagine.

Written with Dr. Rodney Brim, a Psychologist, performance improvement expert, and multi-instrumentalist.

You're about to learn...

The importance of making playing and practicing fun

Your brain learns best when it and you are having fun.  We'll show you some things you may not be aware of that will make your practicing fun, and in the prcess, more productive.

The good and the bad of memorization

Learning your scales and routines is great for the left side of your brain, but not for the right side. You need both to improvise well. We'll show you how.

Using both sides of your brain

Each hemisphere of your brain serves an entirely different and important purpose. We’ll show you the purpose of each and how to use both to your greatest advantage.

The power of your self-talk

How you talk to yourself is extremely important to your success. You'll learn how to get that negative self-talk in control, and how to do more of the positive self-talk.