Improvisation Savvy

Improvisation Savvy is a comprehensive ear-based instruction for improvisation.
The course consists of six modules each containing multiple lessons that will help beginners to pros better connect their instrument (no matter what instrument) to their musical imagination.
Each lesson contains a video of between 4 and 20 minutes. Students watch the video and read or listen to the lesson materials. After completing the lesson, practice what you learned. The more you practice the exercises within each lesson, the faster you will improve your improvisation.
From this course, students will learn basic theory, strengthen their sense of time and rhythm, be shown how best to practice so that their practice time is much more productive, develop their ear for improvisation, and many more tips and tricks that you won’t learn anywhere else – guaranteed! Explore the topic that you wish to improve since there is no mandate to start at the beginning of the course.
Students go at their own pace and there is no time pressure to make your way through the materials. Speed is not the goal, excellence in improvisation is the goal.

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