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Choose a category below to explore the bounty of materials for elevating your jazz playing, expanding your understanding of music, enjoying my recordings, and performing music within a variety of trombone ensembles.

Books and Courses

Explore this wide variety of materials all geared to help you understand jazz and how you can play it to the fullest extent of your time and talent. 

You’ll find soft cover, ebooks, and audiobooks (some of them free) written by Michael on alto trombone, trombone improvisation, ear training, and psychology, as well as several written with the great pianist Richie Beirach on piano, jazz education, and improvisation.

Discover extensive courses on improvisation, ear training, basic piano comping, and more.


If you are looking for arrangements to play with your trombone group, from duet to 8-piece, check out this library of unique treatments of both original pieces and covers. Written by Michael Lake, Barry Black, Stan Pathel, and others, these arrangements range from moderately easy to difficult.

Each of these downloadable arrangements can be heard in its entirety. Soundfiles of original versions are provided as are extras such as lead sheets and transcribed solos of the original recordings.

These unique treatments of music not normally associated with the trombone will provide your group with something fun and different for rehearsals, performances or recordings.


Who says CDs are dead? Own a copy of the full resolution recordings of these one-of-a-kind treatments of the trombone for less than $10 each.

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